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    Hi everybody,
    following situation: i worked about 5 years in a very stressfull IT environement.
    I got quite ill at one point so I decided to look for alternative employment preferably part time.
    For transition and to ease the financial burden I applied for job seekers benefit.
    I stated in my application that I was looking for part -time work. I also got a GP cert that at this moment in time I was fit for part time work.
    I now got the decision that I am not entiteled to Job seekers benefit because I was not available for full time work.
    I was informed that I might qualify for job seekers credits and that I am entitled to appeal the decision within 3 weeks from today.
    Question is would an appeal have any chance of success?
    Second question: if my personal circumstances change and I was available for full time would I just apply a second time for unemployment benefits?
    Sorry I am not very smart with this as I have never claimed before..
    Sorry this might be better in the section - if the Mod could move it.
    Redundancy, unemployment & jobseekers entitlements
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    Apply again, you must be available and seeking full time employment, if you have the contributions you will get the help.
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    I went for holiday for 4 weeks for my father's burial and I informed the jobseeker officer and I submitting the holiday form. On getting back to claim back my jobseeker allowance, I was told my jb was closed that I should reapply again which I did. I received the feedback today that my claim is disallowed. I will be going back to college in sept and am in rent arrears. What can I do because my husband means test weekly is 193 euro and I have 4 children.
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    ... which means you are not available for or seeking full time employment.
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    What is the relevence of the husband? Does he work?
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    - ceased working and got job seekers benefit in November 2017
    - that lasts 9 months and is based on your working history and prsi payments
    - after that you can apply for job seekers allowance, but you are means tested for this, and you must be willing and able to work
    - OP is not willing to work full time, wishes to work part time, which is not allowed
    - OP is not able to work because she is going to college next month's-Benefit.aspx
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