Key Post Issues to consider if appealing Compensation for Tracker Mortgage

Discussion in 'Tracker Redress' started by Jim Stafford, 29 Jan 2018.

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    @Mark2018 You are not alone. Check this thread out for more in the same boat although they have received the first part of payment. I suggest you take any further correspondance to that thread as it's slightly off topic for the heading of this thread.
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    Great stuff, will do and thank you.

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    Late to this but I'm in a PIA, however the bank also got my house in 2016. Sent in a variation on the PIA in Jan and that was refused, got the tracker redress letter in March and now the bank have offered a hush deal (which I have to pay for) to make the PIA go away as long as I don't appeal. So do I ignore the deal and appeal and run the risk of the full weight of AIB vs me, or do I take the deal and wonder 'what if'?
    PIP sees it as a win for him obviously, solicitor isn't too sure.
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