AIB Is there a time limit for appealing?


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Hi I received a cheque from AIB for €1,615 in December 2018 having already received a cheque for €1.6k earlier in the year. Is there a time limit on when I can appeal?. Thanks


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Think appeals have to be lodged by 15th March or one year from date of letter you received with the €1615 compensation Matilda. You can ask BDO for an extension on this but would immediately request wwtp appeals pack from AIB.


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I have had a number of mortgages with AIB over the past number of years. The original cheque I received was in March 2018 for €1,570 and I received another cheque for €1,615 at the end of December 2018 just gone. I can't remember being in a fixed rate mortgage to be honest but if I received a refund they must have done something wrong! The problem for me is I don't know what I am appealing or if I am eligible to appeal. The form had a lot of blanks to be filled in. If the appeal is one year from the date of receiving the cheque in the amount of €1,615 do I have until December 2019 to lodge an appeal?. Thanks
The €1,615 is for the prevailing rate issue. No hurry on doing anything on this yet. You have a year, and a lot can happen in the year.

I don't know what the €1,570 could be for? The letter should have explained what it was for.