Is there a service: Advice on house buying?

Discussion in 'Mortgages and buying and selling homes' started by EvenStevens, 3 Jan 2019.

  1. EvenStevens

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    This is probably a crazy question but is it possible to avail of a service where you would get advice/guidance on house buying.

    Obviously when it comes to making offers etc I will have a solicitor involved at that stage.
    but it's more at the stage of actually picking a house. Someone who would know the market and could advise. A Phil and Kirstie type!

    I'm in the process of looking for a place currently and have been approved for the rebuilding Ireland scheme. I just find that reading the papers lately there are so many conflicting opinions on the market, the effect of Brexit etc and the prices themselves are a bit mad anyway that I wonder am I just crazy to buy now and just hold fire but then there is the notion that the best time to buy a house is when you're ready to.
  2. PGF2016

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    When will you wait until? 2/3 years? Will the savings you make by waiting be offset by the rent you pay in the mean time?

    It's all speculation. Predicting is a fools game. Buy what you can comfortably afford in a place you're willing to live in for at least 10 years. Bear in mind life may be a lot different in 10 years time (kids etc.).
  3. Elana10

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    My husbands friend is an economist he says definitely hold off until brexit has made landfall... Personally I'm not going to wait I'm in a position to buy now I will bear everything in mind and bid cautiously but ultimately we need a house to live in and can afford to now. We have a financial advisor and I have found him excellent in determining house prices but really you'd be able to gauge this yourself by looking at the property price register over the past few years to date
  4. cremeegg

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    Interesting, of the three people you quote, the economist, the financial advisor, and yourself, only you are talking any sense.

    That is just fence sitting. I hope that he can do better when he is acting in a professional capacity.

    This is the only reason to buy a home.

    If your financial advisor is predicting house prices s/he is of dubious integrity.
  5. Vali_tina

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    We are in the same position at the moment, but this Brexit thing can go both ways. The prices could go up and could go down as well.This cannot be foreseen with accuracy.

    If you rent, the wise thing to do is to buy as its cheaper. You pay the bank for the mortgage, but in the end its your house.

    Anyhow, until March, there are 2 more months to go...
    What is that financial advisor actually do for you?
  6. noproblem

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    There used to be a company where people buying property who had no time, no idea of how to buy, etc, could employ these people to go and buy on your behalf. The customer told them their budget, what their main wants were and weren't, along with everything else on their minds. The company would then go and scout property that fitted the requirements and in most cases ended up purchasing the house/apartment lower than the customer could. Don't know if this type of business is operating today but don't see why they wouldn't.
  7. RedOnion

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    I'm sure any estate agent will offer a buying service. The only thing is, you need an agent that won't to try sell you one of their houses...
  8. NoRegretsCoyote

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    What you are looking for is called a 'buyer's agent'. Google 'buyer's agent [town I'm buying in]' and see what comes up.

    TBH I am not sure you really need one in Ireland.

    Comparisons are very easy because of daft and myhome. Once you have a rough idea of where you want to live it is feasible to view everything that interests you.

    The only reason I can see you needing one is if you live abroad and want something very generic, ie and apartment.

    No estate agent or buyer's agent will give you useful advice on whether to buy or hold off. They both want you to buy now!
  9. Bronte

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    You do not need help, just go looking at houses and you’ll quickly learn what you like, and more importantly what you can afford.
  10. EvenStevens

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    Thanks for all the advice. Having been to a few viewings now you do get a sense pretty quickly of what's out there and what you want. Have a bid on a place at the moment so will see how it goes. Thanks again.
  11. Bronte

    Bronte Frequent Poster

    Why did you bid on that particular house? Give us all it's positives and negatives in order of preference.