Is my boiler broken?


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Flipping freezing so nice fire on today heating rads nicely. Tonight boiler started making loud banging noises which I have heard before last year twice when water gets much too hot, Id usually run hot water out of the taps and it stops. It was never an issue.
My dad was here when it happened tonight and said close the vent in the fireplace. So I did and it calmed down. Less than ten mins later I put my hand on the rad and they are ALL freezing. Put a little coal in the fire so I could re heat it and it’s not working. Tried turning the temperature thermostat up/down to hear a sound and nothing. Slight banging from back of fireplace when it had flame in it. Letting it die down so it’s stopped. WHATS HAPPENED is the boiler broke

SIDE NOTE: I turned the sides of one of my rads in kitchen few hours before which I’ve never done. It was always just luke warm and for some reason I decided today would be the day id twist the knobs on both sides, related? I’m not sure, but someone please help/advise, single mammy here by myself and not in anyways financially able to pay out something crazy any ideas??


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Check if your circulating pump is working, generally located in the hotpress, check your pipe thermostat, turn it down low when you have a good fire...after an hour or two and you should hear it come on, then adjust to 55 degrees and leave it there

By messing with the valves you could have caused the system to unbalance, go back and undo what you did, if you can't remember close the valve on the left to about one full turn, same on the right hand side.

Once done, pump working and fire on for a few hours it should be fine.

You may then need to bleed the radiators, there is a bleed nipple on each radiator, you can pick up a key to open the valve for a couple of Euro.


SIDE NOTE: I turned the sides of one of my rads in kitchen few hours before which I’ve never done.
The thing you turned, could you turn it by hand, or did you need a spanner? The lockshield valve that is set to balance the system generally requires a tool to adjust and looks something like this.


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Sounds like the pump could be faulty, or if it is a sealed system, (has a capacity cylinder, no header tank) it may require pressurising by the water supply which only takes 2 minutes


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Presumably the problem has been diagnosed and fixed in the 15 days since the original post