Is it hard to get going in teaching now?

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    Oh there is a very positive attraction to teaching. I want to do a job where I can make a difference. Where I can be a positive force in someone's life. I do love children and I'm very comfortable with them. They seem to flock to me.
    Then there's the things like putting on a dress and heels and going out and meeting the world. Being at home is very isolating and lonely but I feel it's worth it for my children and I am happy overall, I just know I need a meaty interesting job when they go to school. I told one of my cousins the other day, she said why don't you just get a few hours in an office, why are you bringing all this stress and pressure (of doing a masters and trying to get established as a teacher) on yourself. But I see it as being worth it and I would be bored senseless doing office work. It would be easier really if I didn't have this drive inside me!! But I am the way I am.
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    Good on you Frank! It is 2018 after all and the weather is nice!