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    My current policy is up for renewal at the end of August. I currently have a good level of cover - semi private room in a private hospital and good day to day expense cover. I am in my late 20s, healthy, very active, with no medical issues.

    Over the following 12 months (from end of August) I hope to spend between 6 and 10 months abroad travelling (I will be purchasing travel insurance) When i return I'm likely to be changing career, possibly returning to college, but probably earning a lot less than currently.. i.e. I doubt I could afford to continue my current level of cover.

    I'm looking for advice on whether I should:

    1. renew my current cover, paying monthly whilst i can afford it and cancel if i need to
    2. cancel the current cover and resume when i return and am sure of my circumstances
    3. Drop to a much lower level of cover until I am sure of my circumstances (I have asked to drop the day to day cover from my current plan but the reduction is insignificant)

    Thanks in advance
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    What plan are you on at the moment?