Irish areas in San Francisco, where to stay & drink

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  1. Betsy Og

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    On a work trip in Silicon Valley, have weekend off, doing night trip to Alcatraz (finished about 7pm Saturday), would like to stay in the city, have a few pints, sleep it off!, and head back down on Sunday.

    Ideally would like to stay above a pub, cheap & cheerful is order of the day, will be on my own so the thinking is a lively Irish pub, have a few pints and a bite to eat, watch a game, maybe have a chat with a few randomers.

    So is there an 'Irish central' in San Fran - if it was New York I'd be thinking of Woodlawn. Maybe it sounds lame to be looking for an Irish place but I'm there for 1 night and on my own, the chance of anything beyond drinking on my own and looking at my phone are higher in an Irish setting.

    Any thought/recommendations?
  2. newirishman

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    The Chieftain pub corner Howard and 5th Street. As Irish as they get. Good grub, great pints. Good for chatting as well.

    Not sure if there’s an “Irish quarter”, but haven’t been to SF that often.

    Edit: just realised you also looking for accommodation; this pub doesn’t have any rooms but it’s in the middle of town so plenty of hotels around. Cheap, I am not sure. it is central SF...
  3. Betsy Og

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    As it happens it went all Americana yesterday, dirt biking and shooting, you name it we shot it (guns, not stuff). Got Alcatraz switched to today, just back, good fun. Dining in the Chieftain aa its near Caltrain. All good .
  4. landlord

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    Hi Betsy.......I am over in the States once a week.....
    This is by far my favorite restaurant in San Fran.
    If you like amazing quality and massive portions of Indian food at shockingly cheap prices (inside an Irish pub)..... Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House
    1040 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
    +1 415-441-8855