Irish accounting software solution for micro-startup


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I'm running a micro business startup and i'd like to start using an online accounting solution.

My company is registered as a sole trader, i'm not registered for VAT, I don't take a wage. I have no assets put into the online business. I don't deal with stock or goods. I have no staff or payroll. But i work with contractors occasionally. I don't accept cash payments, everything goes through my AIB business bank account.

Really it's a side gig that happens to take up my time. I do have clients but mix work with study generally. I have a background in a related area. This is a new area for me. I have another job that pays the bills.

I want something simple and effective that's compliant with Irish tax laws. An online solution if possible. Something good that isn't too expensive.

I've had a look at BigRedBook. Seems OK, it's about 30€ a month for the cloud solution which isn't too bad.

What does everyone else use and how much does it cost you ? Thanks.


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The desktop version for 1 user is free
The cloud version cost around € 30 per month

Whatever solution you choose, you will have to learn a minimum amount of accounting or hire an accountant to do your returns