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Discussion in 'Investments' started by louthguy, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Hi I am living in Europe but looking at investing a business where I will own 1/3 of the company in Ireland as a director. I am looking for advice how can I be paid if I return home in the next year and have a full time job in engineering which is my area of work. Is it best to get paid a dividend each year or a salary and how will this affect my tax in my engineering job when I return?
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    For a start if you make the investment by way of a loan, repayments would be free of tax.
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    As I've pointed out before here.....

    I would be very cautious: keep in mind that minority shareholdings in private companies very frequently prove to be worthless.
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    Hi Louthguy

    I second newtothis's caution about owning 1/3rd of a company.

    If you do go ahead, then you need a very carefully written and comprehensive shareholders' agreement.

    This will specify how profits are to be calculated e.g. the salaries of the executive shareholders are key to this. It will also specify how profits are to be distributed.

    If you are paid a salary, it will probably be subject to employers' PRSI of 10.75% unless you are classified as a proprietary director.

    The best way to run a small company is to set the salaries at a level which eliminates profits and so no Corporation Tax is paid.

    However, I am not sure how you would incorporate this into a shareholders' agreement.