Investing via UK - Tax Implications


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I am slowly coming up to speed with the tax treatment of investment in Ireland, for the part of my life I have had money to invest I have been living in the UK / US. I generally invest excess cash into low-fee ETFs, mostly because we have been in a bull market for the last 8 years and they are cheap and don't require a huge amount of research. In addition due to my job in FS I require pre-approval for individual stocks.

I have come to be aware of the 8 year rule with UCITs etfs and this does not suit my longer term investment strategy. I own a rental property in the UK and hold UK citizenship as well as Irish Citizenship, therefore each year I file a Self Assessment Tax return. The CGT / tax treatment in the UK appears more beneficial (still researching), so on the face of it I can invest excess cash via the UK and pay tax there upon any future sale? I would only have to pay tax if I brought that income from the Uk to Ireland? If I did bring to Ireland would it be subject to the full tax or only the incremental difference between UK / Ireland?

On the face of it this is not illegal given I have citizenship in the UK and file a tax return?


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If you are resident in Ireland, then the Exit Tax, including the 8 year disposal rule, applies to all of your UCITS funds no matter where they are held and what you do with the income

If they are not held in Irish institutions, who will deduct the tax automatically, you must file a tax return yourself

By "resident" I mean "ordinarily resident" as per Revenue definitions