Investec Lump Sum Market Leader - Are they Safe?

Discussion in 'Deposits' started by jimlyons97, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I am about to invest €30,000 in a 12 month fixed term lump sum account and I see that Investec are currently the market leaders with a rate of 5.6%.

    Does anyone know how safe Investec are?

    Am I better off to go with a rate of 5.4% with EBS or First Active?

    Here is an article about their new rate in the Indo.

    Here is a link to Investecs website:

    Thanks in anvance.
  2. ClubMan

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  3. jimlyons97

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    Thanks for your help ClubMan.

    I noticed it wasn't on their website alright, I had to call them up to get confirmation of the rates quoted in the Independent article.

    So would you be inclined to deal with them?
  4. ClubMan

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    If they are covered by the UK FSA depositor protection scheme then the guarantees are better than the Irish scheme. I have no idea about them generally or their credit rating etc. I would check all of this out before committing to them myself.
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    Check their credit rating on the investor section of the Investec plc web site (parent company).

    They dont seem to have S&P ratings but do have Fitch and others.