International bank transfers

David Holden

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Hi All , just looking for some sound advise.....I'm wondering how much is permitted in a single transfer from an international to an Irish bank account ?...whether it is permitted to transfer this permitted amount to a number bank accounts one might hold ? Thanks for your time


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I do not think there is a maximum amount you can receive, as such.

But you may have to explain and justify the provenance of the monies transferred - and it may not be available to you until the bank are happy that it is not money laundering

There may be limits on the sending account in terms of online transfers but if you instruct your bank to transfer all of your money to another bank, they can not refuse

Paul M.

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For a SEPA Credit Transfer, the maximum amount allowed (according to the SEPA Credit Transfer Scheme Rulebook Section 4.6.1) is €999,999,999.99 (one cent less than 1 billion euros).

For a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer, the maximum allowed is €100,000 (note that most Irish banks don't yet support SEPA Instant however).