Key Post Interest only mortgages for investment property


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Is there anyone doing interest only mortgages anymore? We enquired about one recently - we own 1 house which has been rented out for the last 4 years, (more than covering the mortgage we have on our present family home) with only 1 month break - & have a mort of 130,000 on our own house, which we could rent quite easily. We wanted an interest only mort for 2 years (selling both properties then, when hopefully the market will have improved) of approx 180,000 to buy a bigger family house using savings for the balance & were turned down. Althought we have income of approx 5000 per month & no other outgoings nobody was prepared to take us on. We could have got an ordinary repayment mort. but felt that would be putting ourselves under to much pressure - we are both in secure jobs & are aged 51 & 55. So if anyone knows of any bank doing interest only I would be interested.