Insulation for Cold Hallway

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    A few days ago the gas boiler has been upgraded and heating controls instalked fir two zones - Living and Water. Wireless thermostat in hallway set to 21C. However the hallway (avg 9-10C with c/h off) being cold - thermostat nver reached setting (21C)resulting with boiler running at full power and radiators (TRVs at highest setting of 5) very hot. So Ive been experimenting, turning down thermostat slowly down to 17C today, till the boiler turns itself off when it reaches 17C. Had turned down TRV on a radiator in the ensuite to 2, only to notice heating didnt resume in the 2nd heating cycle. I had to be very cautious about adjusting TRVs - afraid of messing up the balancing of the C/H system.
    So with the boiler fixed at 80C which I think quite too high, it looks like the wireless thermostat may need to be moved from the cold hallway to the coolest location in the sitting room.
    Our hallway is of typical layout: 3-bed semi-d 1970s with high ceiling in landing. Been thinking of getting it internally drylined... any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    I've often seen very badly fitted front doors although to look at them one would never know it. Check if there's a nasty breeze coming in anywhere along the door? You might be surprised?
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    You will not upset the balance by changing the TRVs. It's the other valve on the radiator that governs the balance. These should have been set by the plumber on installation and should not be changed. TRVs will change the amount of water going through the rad, admittedly, but can be easily adjusted. On saying this, at least one rad should be fully open (I normally use a bathroom rad), so that the pump in the system (normally located near the boiler) isn't having too much resistance driving the water around.

    I'd agree with no problem, check (using a smoke stick or similar) for draughts in the hallway. The usual culprit is the door. When ours, which is a fairly new pvc one, is just closed, it still leaves a lot of air through. It takes us to push up the handle to fully seal it.
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    Many thanks for clear reply, Buddyboy. Have turned down TRVs in 2 bedrooms to 3 last night (after c/h system was off) and will check them during the next cycle (19:00-20:00) - they're v hot during 1st cycle this evening. I had lowered the setting of thermostat on controller to 15C to match the temp on hallway thermostat to test the boiler which has just successfully switched off when 15c has been reached.
    Re the front door - it had been replaced last month along with windows all ovwr the house. House much warmer even the hallway which used to be very cold according to some friends some months ago - I didn't notice that till they remarked how cold the house was :) Buddyboy, thanks again and I'll check the doorseal.
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    Is there a draught seal on your attic door? Mine is in my landing and didnt have any seal around it. I sealed it up recently and its now much warmer in my hall and landing. i also noticed that I have very little insulation in the ceiling over the landing - so that will be my next project. My bathroom was freezing until I insulated over it recently and it has made a big difference. I'll get the full attic insulation topped up next year as part of a bigger project.
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