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Maybe you can help here. I will be getting some professional advice concerning this too.

A relative (cousin) passed away recently in the US and I along with another family member was named in the will.

The relative had property in Ireland and rented it out.

The property was sold and all proceeds including the rental income was transferred to the US and will be divided out to those named in the will most of whom live in the US.

Both of us or Irish citizens.

The cousin was a US resident at the time of their death.

Will I and the other family member be liable for CAT or Estate taxes on our portion of the will or will this be covered by the US Federal Estate tax?

The total about I gather falls under the threshold set in the US.


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This is covered by the Irish US double tax treaty

Irish CAT applies to Irish land and property. There is no CAT on inheritances taken by an Irish Resident on US situs assets. So it depends when the property in Ireland was sold (before or after the date of death)

If after the date of death then Irish CAT would apply if before then there shouldn't be any Irish CAT.