Inheritance from mother but grandfathers name on deeds

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    This is my 1st time posting so please excuse me if I'm doing this incorrectly.

    My mother died without a will and left a property which according to the laws of succession will be shared equally between myself and my siblings.

    I requested a copy of the deeds and it appears the house is owned absolutely by my late grandfather and father as joint owners (both have long since passed). My mother paid the mortgage off on her own and also invested a large sum of money on upgrading and extending the house.

    Will we have to claim adverse possession in order to claim my grandfathers share of the property or is proof my mother paid the mortgage enough to claim ownership?
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    Who inherited when your father and grandfather died?
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    Talk to a solicitor.

    They'll look at what you have, take you through all the deaths over the years and advise.

    Don't be making yourself anxious with talk of adverse possession- this will all wash out with Probates and Deeds of Family Arrangement.

    And no, proof that mother paid the mortgage is not enough to claim ownership.