Information on new legislation re tenants rights


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I'm not sure if this was covered before. I was trying to get clarification on something my friend said the other day. He said that tenants that have stayed longer than 6 years in a rented property have the right to stay on indefinitely. Is that true? He said that it would be very difficult to sell the property because the tenants would have the right to stay in the house. Can anyone explain the new law to me?


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No so. New legislation signed into law about a month ago. Notice periods for long-term tenants are long, but they are not infinite.

There are no new proposals.
"Some today will demand we make it illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant because they intend to sell their property. This is a bad idea, though from noble motivations," he said.

Eoghan Murphy Minister for housing from todays Indo.

When the minister says it's a bad idea, that means it is on the table, and may well be government policy by next week.