EBS Independent Panels Decision - Unsuccessful


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I'm an EBS customer and am part of the Tracker Redress Program. I've just received a letter from BDO with an "Independent Appeals Panel Decision" of "unsuccessful".

Buy to let property purchased in 2005. Due to financial difficulties encountered during the period 2008 and 2010 the bank re possessed the property and sold it leaving me with a shortfall of approx 100k.
In 2014 the bank wrote to me informing me that I had been over charged as part of the Tracker scandal and gave me a paltry sum for compensation. They did however write off the outstanding 100k.
I didn't feel that compensation was adequate, given that i had lost a property in a very good location, so I engaged the services of Padraig Kissane to represent me during the appeal of the compensation decision.
A period of over and bank between the bank and I ensued. They were adamant that the sale of the property was not due to their failure to apply the correct interest rate. I strongly disputed this contention.
The "Independent Appeals Panel" now seems to share the same opinion as the bank.

Obviously I am going to discuss this further with Kissane's office but does anyone else have a similar experience and if so is perusing the matter further with the ombudsman and / or through the courts a realistic option?

Any advise is much appreciated.