increasing value of farm with gravel reserves



What initial steps do you need to take to increase the value of a farm in grass which has very substantial deposits of easily accessible sand and gravel beneath the surface? Similar land nearby has been sold to concrete/gravel companies and turned in to a sand pit.


Sand and Gravel

At risk of stating the obvious, your main options are:

1. Sell as is, marketing the property to aggregates companies.

2. Sell to an aggregates company "subject to planning". This allows the buyer to tie up your property for perhaps eighteen months (depending on what's agreed) and they will then probably be prepared to pay a higher price, as they only have to buy it if and when they get planning. You might get them to make the deposit, or part of it, non-refundable.

3. Apply for planning yourself and then sell as a "ready to go" quarry/sandpit site. This will yield the best price (IF, of course, you get planning). Of course, the planning process is expensive (includes an EIS) so you need anywhere from €30k-€150k in the bank before you can contemplate this.