Announcement Income tax changes

Third rate from 4.75% to 4.5%

Entry point increases by €750 to 35,300

Workers enter the higher rate at too low an income

Incomes 48.5% will be top rate up to €70k

€9.80 minium wage

ceiling to €19,874 for second USC band

Weekly threshold will be €376 to €386 for employers prsi
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Yet again the dole is increased by the same or more than the tax cut for the average earner. So much for helping the people who "get up early in the morning". Doesn't make sense politically either, people on jobs seeker's are still unlikely to vote FG just because of an extra fiver a week.


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Leo, Eoghan and Simon are playing the long game. They have their eyes on the prizes in Brussels and New York.
They'll be gone off the Irish political scene within the next 10 years and will still be young men with big ambitions. And their ambitions reach a lot further than this green isle!


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I was talking to a professional dole relative today and he asked me how much I got in the budget.
I said about a fiver a week. He said he gets the same (he gets more actually) and that it was ridiculous how little it was.
So I pointed out that I have to work 40 hours a week for my fiver so thats about 12.c an hour and asked how many hours a week he had to work for his fiver.
Well you can imagine how the rest of the conversation went.


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I'm somewhat confused. Apparently giving €5 extra on the dole will disincentive people from taking up employment. But unless I'm mistaken, unemployment has been falling despite adding to welfare benefits.
Is it a possibility, that in the vast, vast majority of cases, if an unemployed person gets offered a suitable opportunity to work that they will avail of it rather than stay on the dole? Despite an extra €5 a week?
All the evidence would indicate that to be the case.


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I can't understand why the dole isn't being cut. We are nearing full employment and there's probably 100,000 people who simply refuse to work.

I'd rather give carers, the disabled etc an increase of 20 euro a week and fund it by cutting the jobseeker.

Social welfare is about helping those who can't help themselves. Not helping the lazy spongers on the dole who have never worked and never intend on working.

We are spending over 1.2 billion euro on these 100,000 wasters a year.