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    Unlike something like life insurance (you are either dead or not), income protection insurance can differ greatly between what providers offer. I have been getting some quotes on these recently, but looking for some advice on peoples experience with various providers.

    I am looking for guaranteed cover, rather than reviewable cover.

    I also want to ensure that I will be adequately covered if I do need to use it. The cover is not cheap (as everyone knows), so its better to have the right cover than worry about a 10 euro difference in the premium per month.

    The two that are being promoted to me by various parties are
    Aviva - who I understand are the cheapest currently and have decent cover
    Friends First - who are the most mature in the market, have excellent claim history and 'are the best in the market'

    Obvious this is from brokers, so looking for peoples experiences with the cover and what company did they choose (and why!!). Who would you pick today if you were buying the cover?
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    I am interested in this topic too.