Importing Goods For Resale


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If I import goods from a company in New Zealand in a 20FT container they will arrange shipping and insurance to Dublin Port.

The TARIC code for the goods is 9403500000.

I am trying to understand the process of what happens when the ship arrives in Dublin port.

Someone will have to remove the container from the ship and bring it to a storage area. Will this be done by Dublin port workers?

I will have to organise collection from Dublin Port and pay all the related costs.

There will be customs/import to be paid. There will be VAT @ 23% and I will have to pay Dublin Port(?) for unloading and bringing the goods to the storage area.

I will contact a company to collect the goods from Dublin port and deliver them to me.

So what are the steps required to make all this happen?

When do I pay the customs/VAT/port fees? How do I do this?

What would you expect the customs fees to be for a 20FT container where the weight of the container is 2,300KG and the weight of the goods are about 4,000 KG.

Thanks for any advice. I can't find any information laid out in a clear way.