I'm thinking of chartering a plane but need some help!

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  1. Philip

    Philip Guest

    Could we get a group of about 150 Ask About Money fans and charter a plane for a week end trip somewhere?

    Between us all we have enough knowledge to organise this and there would be no need for a travel agent.

    It could be very cost effective and we could visit unusual destinations without having to negotiate Heathrow!

    We could just fly out as a group and then everyone is free to do their own thing and perhaps meet up for a meal or a few drinks in the evening.

    How about Cairo or St Petersburg , Madeira or even Tromso to view the midnight sun?
  2. daltonr

    daltonr Guest

    You want 150 Irish people to agree on a date/time to fly out, fly back, and a destination. I've had trouble organizing a Karting trip for 10 people after work.

    I wish You luck.

    You could try picking a date/time destination and working out how much you'd need people to pay and see if you have any takers. Who knows, you might even turn a small profit.


  3. rainyday

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    Didn't a Limerick rugby club get into trouble for trying to charter a plane, as they were not a bonded travel agent?
  4. Marie

    Marie Guest

    chartering a plane to go lots of places

    Philip - Would you drop in to Stanstead and pick me up on the way? The AAM'ers could nip into IKEA to get some flatpacks whilst you're here! :rupert
  5. Leatherarse

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    Re: chartering a plane to go lots of places

    Marie, maybe you mean sixpacks?;)
  6. whocares

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    Chartering a plane

    Would you get 150 AAMers on a plane if Tharg was flying? Well MAC, would you?
  7. Re: Chartering a plane

    Imagine Tharg as pilot and MAC as co-pilot! :eek

  8. Inshallaha

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    Re: Chartering a plane

    Phillip, You do realise that the tickets would have to be free. Or have you not been paying attention.
  9. oysterman

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    Re: Chartering a plane

    Top stuff.

    I reckon there's a learning curve involved in all of this.

    Maybe we should start off with an AAM trip to the amusements in Bray some Sunday afternoon.

    If it goes well, we could stop off for a one and one on the way home.

    And if we wanted to go really mad we could go to a public house for a glass of shandy each - being AAMers we would buy a pint between each two of us and subidise the odd man out by dividing the half pint premium among all of the revellers.
  10. Re: Chartering a plane

    Who was it who mentioned the bean counter's process for acquiring pints on a corporate night out - lots of form filling, checks and balances, carbon copies, etc. eventually yielding a voucher redeemable against one drink? That would fit the bill I reckon. We could have a cooling off period during which the drink could be returned and voucher refunded if the purchase was made too imprudently...
  11. Statler

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    Re: Chartering a plane

    Would need to be careful of the barmen trying to persuade you to top-up your pint and release the hidden equity in the glass.
  12. Re: Chartering a plane

    Perhaps the prudent approach would be to hire a professional drinker to advise and to mediate between the individual and the barman?
  13. Statler

    Statler Guest

    Re: Chartering a plane

    Auditing the accounts of the premises concerned may also be prudent, to establish whether prices are simply to cover increased overheads or are indeed a rip-off.
  14. MAC

    MAC Guest

    Perks of being co-pilot.....

    Hey O,

    Would I get a chance to wear one of Tharg's shirts with the stripes on the arm.....COOL!

  15. Tharg

    Tharg Guest


    MAC imagines that every day...in his dreams.
  16. MAC

    MAC Guest


    Question is Tharg is a cockpit big enough for you, your chip on your shoulder AND a co-pilot?

  17. Re: Charter...

    Now I know why they keep those cockpit doors locked these days! ;)
  18. Colm

    Colm Guest

    Air AAM

    Inshallaha, the vast majority of us could nearly travel free if we managed to sell a few 'premium class' seats up the front at sky high prices to those accustomed to such luxuries.

    I think Tharg would be great fun and imagine the in-flight commentary.

    The especially nervous MAC would probably be barred from future flights when our leader catches him smoking down the back.
  19. Slim

    Slim Guest

    Re: Air AAM to Hungary

    Could we go to Budapest and see if there are actually any decent properties availble there at all?

    I would rather that neither MAC nor Tharg go anywhere near the cockpit - not together anyway!

    Slim *)
  20. Marie

    Marie Guest


    I think Air AAM has a ring to it (enunciate clearly mind, otherwise it sounds like clearing the throat! :lol ). "Euro" sign blazoned on the tail would be a dignified Air-AAM logo!