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    I was on illness benefit for 2 years up until the start of this year.
    I have been looking for work but havent got a job or signed on due to pride.
    I am now ill again and cannot look for work, can I requalify for illness benefit if i haven't worked since I signed off it.i have enough stamps in the relevent years as per the requirements?
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    In order to requalify, you must have 13 paid contributions as per Illness Benefit operational guidelines.

    Requalification after expiry of Illness Benefit
    To requalify for Illness Benefit after expiry of 312 or 624 days a customer requires:
    • 13 contributions paid after the end of their IB entitlement
    You may be eligible for disability allowance which is a means tested payment.

    You are also creating a gap in your insurance record by not signing on which could affect pension entitlements in the future.
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    Hi ,is it possible to go straight onto illness benefit at the end of my job, without signing going on the dole. My Job is finishing soon, and I was wondering how to go about it .Thanks
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    Are you ill and unable to work? If you are certified ill by your GP and have enough PRSI contributions you might be eligible for illness benefit.