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    I am on illness benefit which will be up in jan (2 year entitlement i believe?) Can i apply for invalidity pension when still on illness benefit or do i have to wait to start process in jan when illness benefit is up.

  2. gipimann

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    Yes, you can apply now while your Illness Benefit is still in payment.
    You should apply well in advance of January to allow time for your application for Invalidity Pension to be processed before your Illness Benefit runs out.
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    Definitely apply before. If they refuse it then appeal. Get as much evidence of unable to work and if appealing also get local TD to write letter to them. Also, if they call you in for assessment before January this is NOT for inv. pension, so when they then send out letter saying your payments will continue, this does not mean you will automatically get inv. pension.
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    Don't know about the TDs letter but advise I have been given when helping a family member with this is look for an oral hearing if it goes to appeal as most do, lot more convincing putting your case in person.