Ideas for a present for a 65 year old woman

Discussion in 'Ideas, suggestions for presents, food, etc.' started by Sammie, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Sammie

    Sammie Frequent Poster

    Hi All,

    Any suggestions for a birthday present for a 65 year old woman?

    Something nice and tasteful and not over €40..!!

    Nothing rude now!!!

  2. eileen alana

    eileen alana Frequent Poster

    A nice bottle of perfume always goes down a treat.
  3. Vanilla

    Vanilla Frequent Poster

    Flowers, wine or champagne, voucher for good skincare range?
  4. Sammie

    Sammie Frequent Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions... I’m not going to get alcohol because others will probably end up drinking it. So, something for her that she can have all to herself and not share with others. Perfume sounds good but it is a gamble….any suggestions? Maybe PM me if your not allowed to say the name. I was also thinking of a scarf, but nothing to granny….any ideas???
  5. Blackchook

    Blackchook Guest

    Most over 65s I know say they hate getting skincare products because they always get them!

    DVDs of older movies maybe from Bette Davis to Cary Grant?
  6. tink

    tink Frequent Poster

    Hi I think a voucher for a beauty salon or peter mark, better to get her something she can use, they do afternoon tea vouchers in the westbury also?
  7. ClubMan

    ClubMan Frequent Poster

    A pair of bongos? Then she could even join a band.
  8. Colblimp

    Colblimp Registered User

    Depending where the lady in question lives, I'd plump for M&S vouchers. If there is no M&S near her location then how about a few good old Mills & Boon books?!
  9. Crescenter

    Crescenter Frequent Poster

    a voucher for a facial or manicure ... most wouldn't buy it for themselvves but I know my mother loves them when she actually goes.
  10. Ris

    Ris Frequent Poster

    I think the older you get the more appealing it is to get something consumable. By the age of 65 most people have a lot of 'stuff' around them :)

    It all depends on her interests but something like tickets to the theatre or cinema might be an option? Of course there would have be two tickets so she could bring a friend along.

    Another option (again depending on interests) would be an art kit. There are some really good value ones around and its amazing the fun of taking up a new hobby can be.
  11. dem_syhp

    dem_syhp Frequent Poster

    This is very dependent on the individual and less to do with being a 65 year old female.

    - If you're going with Perfume - find out what she wears. No one on this could really suggest for someone that they don't know.
    - Only buy a scarf if you're familiar with her style. I can't buy clothes for my mother, but my sister can - I get it wrong!

    Here's some suggestions, but very dependent on what she's interested in:
    Garden - a nice plant, I'm not thinking a 7.99 potted plant from tesco's. But something like a bay leave tree, or something for the garden Something that's low maintenance - or very minimal, but gives pleasure. You would need to have seen her garden to know if this would work.

    Food - IF she enjoys going out with the ladies for lunch, etc.. then vouchers for the westbury, or somewhere like avoca, etc... can be nice.

    Beauty - others have suggested the hair cut/facial/manicure - these are good, BUT only if she likes them. Many don't (speaking as a female!)

    Culture - IF she likes music/theatre/art, tickets to go to something that she's interested in.

    Why not ask her, or at least hint?