ICB Report Post-Bankruptcy

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    Hi all,

    I too have recently been discharged. I've set up a company and in just over a month I have clients waiting to pay over €20,000 to the company. Guess what! Due to "adverse data" on ICB, I can't get a business account, so have no way of receiving payment. I've only tried Ulster Bank so far as I have personal accounts with them and never had a loan there, meaning my bankruptcy did not affect them. I've contacted IBEC/Small Firms Association, Local Enterprise Board and a few others. They were useless. Nobody has a clue what to do. So much for the ISI promoting a fresh start.

    Any suggestions, please?
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    Thanks NM

    The latest on my situation is that the reason the lender had held that position on the loan accounts, is because the ISI have failed to inform the lender of their position with regards to their entitled dividend from our 'bankruptcy estate'.

    So the ball is back in the ISI's court, but am edging closer to getting all loans marked as the status they should be on my ICB report - 'W' for withdrawn

    And here was me thinking the pain/negotiation ended at point of discharge!
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    That was my issue too ! Part of me wondered why my bank never requested this information in the first place !
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    Hi All

    Im in the same boat. I think. Just got my report from icb. My mortgage is showing up in arrears but by the time we were declared bankrupt we had only 4 mths in arrears we previously recapitalised the rest. So now its showing in arearrs 24 mths scheduled removal date to be determined. My unsecured debt isnt showing and that was with same lender