ICB report from date of bankruptcy or date of discharge


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Bankruptcy start date ( 17th July 2017)
Bankruptcy exit date (16th July 2018)

Can anyone tell me do the banks report from the day you go into bankruptcy or the day you exit it.
So when does the 5 years start from.
If anyone does know is there any evidence of this ie. legislation or on an official website so we can send a link to bank. Because believe it
Or not banks still haven’t got a clue.

Ebs with mortgage is sending a new icb report of the outstanding amount as house sold in December 2020. Even though we have sent them a copy of bankruptcy papers to them.

Ulster bank small personal loan is marked as starting date of 5 years at exiting bankruptcy (July 16th 2018 marked L).
So exit date is July 2023.
I always thought the 5 years Started from date of going bankrupt.

Any advice would be great
Thank you