ICB - Has record of missed payments with INBS disappeared?

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    ... no longer existing?

    I had a few missed payments, and then transferred to IBRC/Pepper and this was fixed in time, regardless of bringing up to date with Pepper. The scheduled deletion date was June 2019.

    However, I was very much pleased and surprised that my credit rating has been cleaned up, and their is no longer a debt history showing for INBS.

    To have an ICB history the lender needs to be a member. If they no longer keep up membership, does their particular history disappear even if it once existed?
  2. Gerry Canning

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    There does seem to be a cleaning out of old accounts ,particularly on now non existent companies such as INBS ,when ICBs were not transferred to the new entities .
    INBS having paid up until they folded would still be entitled to stay on ICB , but probably its a
    simple case of items not transferred over and new entities not paying to hold them .

    Its good to see these getting {lost} so good luck !
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