"I wouldn't change a thing". Hmmm, not convinced...

Discussion in 'Shooting the Breeze' started by Betsy Og, 11 Jun 2018.

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    I'm always suspicious when someone says that. It is meant as a compliment for anyone in your life?, a boast about how you've been right?, or just a bit of harmless cliche.

    If it's preceded by "Over all my life, 90 years young, y'know......" then I think its just lies. I draw a distinction between changing things and full on regrets. There's probably 10 things a day I'd change if I had to re-run it. Over all my life ;) (hopefully there's a lot still to come!!) .... there's probably 20 or so toe curling things I'd change - the course of love not running smooth - that type of thing.

    Luckily enough I don't think I've clocked up too many "regrets" as such. I know the motivational quote will say its the stuff you didn't do as opposed to did do are the regrets - but I think a lot of that is based on assuming how things would've turned out (obvious exceptions would be making up with a parent before they passed away, that type of thing). More likely you'll rue marrying the wrong person, the investment that bombed, the course or career that didn't suit you.

    So while lots of things didn't turn out quite as expected, the decisions at the time were reasonable, I like the line in the song that's something like "Your decisions are half-chance, same as everyone else's." Overall I'm happy with my lot, that's gratitude not smugness, objectively I wouldn't star under any heading you'd care to mention, but Hell Yeah I would change a few things.....
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    Yes, I'm not sure about the line myself... possibly celebrities mean it more related to their career, that there were ups and downs and some paths they ended up going down that perhaps at the time that might have preferred not to, but in the end they have no real complaints.
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    Interesting thread this. From Betsy's comments on other threads I know he ain't smug and has his opinions. My own tuppence worth on the subject indicates that nobody gets through life unscathed and pitfalls are there for everybody. Nobody gets it all right.

    My one-liner hint for anybody starting out (having interrupted their education by attending primary, secondary schools and university):- Don't get involved in any arguments with the rich because at the end of the argument you'll still be poor and they will still be rich. You can't win. Ho Chi Minh got it right "Only pick battles you can win."
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    I guess its like that quote about strength, acceptance and wisdom to know the difference.

    If we're looking at career issues, I think something to be said for following your dream - prof sports, acting, musician etc, falling over and 'rebuilding' in your mid 20s. Just think if you go the safe route its too hard to leave - someone described this as "fur covered mousetrap", google did not confirm but I know what they mean. I was unburdened by any such talent or ambition - but to talk against my first post if you had such possibilities maybe you'd regret what you didn't do.
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    Only really true if your only measure of self, merit, or victory is wealth.
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