Husband's cappuccino habit costing €40/month, thinking of buying a cappuccino machine

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Kkma, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Kkma

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    Hi there everyone,

    My husband has a dreadful habit of buying cappuccino in the local garge in the mornings - costing 1.70 a day/ 40 euros a month - this is madness.

    I'm hoping to get a machine at home but I've no idea which ones are good, does anyone have any recommendations?

    The main thing is to make a good cappuccino rather than espresso as he isn't really into those. I don't want one of those pod things as they work out pretty expensive.

    I'm looking to spend about €150 but I will go up more if I need to - would have the money back in 4 or 5 months as you can see!

    Thanks very much.
  2. Emiso

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    I've owned several cappuccino makers over the years. You really need one with about 15 bar pressure to make a decent espresso for the cappucino.

    I would recommend using one with an automatic milk frother.
    I think that the Nespresso machines are the best and make the best tasting coffee. I don't enjoy any other coffee since I got mine 3 years ago.
    The pods are around 38 cent each.

    I know that you didn't want pods. However they are so convenient compared to using ground coffee.

    My machine is a De Longhi Lattisima
  3. shesells

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    I love my Nespresso machine, would be lost without it. 38c is a lot less than 1.70 and when you had in how quick and clean they are, I think they beat other machines hands down. What swung it for me is that with my old machine, I was constantly buying large bags of coffee only to discover I didn't like it. With Nespresso you get a starter pack with one of each blend and then buy the ones you like.
  4. Dutchy

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    I have a Phillips Senseo which is excellent. Kind of a poor mans Nespresso as it costs way less, both the coffee make itself and the coffee pads. You purchase coffee pads that look like tea bags. About 2.80 for pack of 24 in Tesco. I just microwave some milk in a cup and then put it under the spout to get milky coffee. Might need to check that your local grocery store stocks them first.
  5. gipimann

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    Last time I bought them, the Senseo coffee pods cost €2.99 for 18 pods.

    There is a new Nespresso-compatible pod available, justapod which offers a selection of varieties, and are cheaper (if you buy 200 at a time). No connection, and I haven't tried them yet, I saw them on facebook.
  6. Nutso

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    I am hankering after a Nespresso - Emsio and Shesells, could you tell me which model you have and an approximate price?
  7. gipimann

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    I have the Krups essenza (very basic, manual model) - saw it in DID electrical (in Clery's) recently for €99.
  8. shesells

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    I have the Krups cube and use the separate milk frother. I think it was around the €200 mark but it is about 5 years old and still going strong. Got it in the electrical place in Kildare Village.
  9. Kkma

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    Thanks everyone for replies - Emiso and shesells you convinced me. I had a chat with Kkda and realised he won't be bothered frothing milk etc himself so automatic really is the way to go or else the machine will be just sitting there while he goes to the garage. I know the pods are expensive but not as expensive as the garage! I've found Nespresso Lattissima by De'Longhi EN670 for 250 euros on, otherwise I'm looking at 300 in Harvey Norman. I'm wondering if it's crazy to buy online - if something goes wrong with the machine where will I be? Thanks again everyone.
  10. shesells

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    Amazon have good customer service and are one of the biggest names in retailing. I wouldn't worry. Try DID as well, they often price match.
  11. Thirsty

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    Make coffee in cafetiere + heat up some milk & pour into insulated mug with lid.

    Total cost €20.

    Send the balance of your budget to me for my consultancy fee!
  12. Slaphead

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    Get a mocca pot,


    aldi have them occasionally

    and a frother,


    also in aldi from time to time.

    Buy a small tin of espresso coffee in lidl and your sorted
  13. Hillsalt

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    +1 for the Nespresso machine.

    In fact, +2 and +3.

    I have had three different coffee machines over the years but the Nespresso ticks all of the boxes. Love it.
  14. Odea

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    Have the Nespresso. You can get compatable pods to go with it abroad. Wait for special offer when they are giving away €50 worth of pods with every machine sold. I think our machine cost £117 with €50 worth of free pods. Nespresso Pixie Model.
  15. ajapale

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  16. hazelgreen

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    I make decent strong coffee (various methods) then in microwave heat milk and froth it using a Bodum milk frother jug (cost 12 -15 euro?)... do both operations at same time. This gives a nice latte and capuchino is just a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top.
  17. Niallman

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    Latte is a shot of espresso filled up with steamed milk, cappuccino is a shot of espresso (one third), one third steamed milk and one third milk froth.

    Can definitely recommend the Nespresso for tasty easy coffee. The convenience of them makes them a definite winner.
  18. bigjoe_dub

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  19. ClubMan

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    I'd suggest looking at an Aerobie Aeropress for about €30. Google it and read the reviews. It looks like a cheap and nasty gimmick but it really works well in practice. Couple it with a battery operated milk whisk from the €2 store, or maybe something like a Bialetti (or similar) "plunger" milk frother and off you go. Obviously choose decent coffee to your taste, ideally beans ground on demand. But as mentioned above and in other threads I have to say that the Lidl black tin of Bellaroma espresso is not at all bad as a daily use coffee...

    I've found Coffee Angel good as a local supply option (no vested interest - just a satisifed customer) but there are lots of other online outlets.
  20. ashambles

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    Is it not possible that the husband simply enjoys the routine of buying the coffee every morning? Helping split the day from home to work and it may be less about the coffee than the routine.

    While I’m not saying don’t buy a coffee machine – gadgets are always appreciated, but you could buy it and find he still prefers to buy that morning coffee on his way to work.