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Discussion in 'Budget 2018' started by rpg, Oct 12, 2016.

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    We could be in trouble, but hopefully someone could give me their thoughts. We could be a while waiting to hear back from our solicitor!

    We purchased a new property for €310k on the 5th August. We satisfy the rules regarding LTV etc. so are eligible from that point of view. The only problem is the dates. For reference, the help to buy scheme is backdated to those who signed contracts on or after the 19th July.

    We ourselves physically signed the contracts on the 18th July 2016 but the contracts were rejected on the 20th July by the vendor due to a clause our solicitor inserted. Our solicitor contacted us and we gave him the go ahead to proceed with it removed, and he then sent a letter confirming that the contracts could now be executed (22nd July) with the clause removed.

    The vendor signed around the 28th July and the contract came into existence. Now myself nor my partner recall whether we signed a date on the contract when we visited our solicitor.

    So what we're a little unclear on is the date that applies; does it apply to the date we physically signed (although as I said we can't remember dating the contract) or does it apply to the date both parties signed?
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