How to search Askaboutmoney

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  1. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    The best way is to use Google

    1) Click on the Search button on the top right hand side

    Don't enter anything into the box.

    2) Click on Advanced search

    3) This brings you a Google button which will search Askaboutmoney for you.

    This is by far the best way to search Askaboutmoney. The inbuilt search function is not as clever as Google.

    Or, check out Key Posts and Useful Links at the top of most forums This will give you a list of the most useful posts in the area.

    To find all the posts or threads by a specific user
    1) Find any post by that user
    2) Click on the user's name
    3) Under the statistics tab, you have a choice of

    • Find all posts by Brendan
    • Finad all threads started by Brendan
  2. JackD

    JackD Frequent Poster

    I was last on in April and got some various good advice on a thread, but I have no idea now under which heading these posts were. Have I any way of retrieving them or checking if there is any new information??
  3. Sue Ellen

    Sue Ellen Moderator.

    You can look back at all your posts on your User CP

    If you click on your name a drop down menu will appear and it will give the option of viewing all your previous posts.
  4. mathepac

    mathepac Frequent Poster

    I'll try this one.