How to gravel over a lawn

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by buzz, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. buzz

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    Hi There

    Can anyone tell me how to put gravel over a lawn, or whats left of a lawn! Our dog has destroyed our lawn to the point where there is pretty much mud and few patches of grass.
    So my question is - is it easy to gravel over a lawn - not a very big lawn and how do you it. I know there is something you have to lay down first that stops weed growing through it lets water filter down too...
    Would be expensive and easy thing to do??

  2. tallpaul

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    What I did was I dug up the lawn (or in your case what's left of it) and levelled the soil off. Then from B&Q I put down black plastic liner which prevents weeds from coming through and then some decorative stone.

    The cost is your own labour and the cost of the stone. Easy enough job...
  3. baldyman27

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    A geo-textile membrane is what you're looking for. Plastic won't allow water to filter down.
  4. buzz

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    Thanks TallPaul, so its not a very big or difficult job.. thats good to know... Is the stone expensive?
  5. buzz

    buzz Guest

    Thanks for that baldyman, I will make a note of that.
  6. RobAMerc

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    I would spread some roundup about before putting the membrane down - weeds poked through the membrane in mine after about 2 years.
  7. monascribe18

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    Far better to concrete it or flag it as dog /dogs dirt will eventually get into stones causing a mess,stones be ok if you get rid of dog
  8. z104

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    I was just about to say the same. Dog crap will destroy the stones.
  9. buzz

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    Yeah I had wondered about that if it would be suitable... not going to get rid of the dog obviously so i'll have to think about it - does any one here have a dog and gravel... how does it work out?? I'll have to think about it.. Its more a budget thing really, would concrete or paving not cost way more?
  10. galleyslave

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    train the dog where to pee and poo....
  11. baldyman27

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    Place clear plastic bottles filled with water around the gravel. Its supposed to deter animals soiling near them.
  12. help_me

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    Hi Buzz,
    Im in the same situation as you were. One difference is I have two digging dogs(under 18 months).
    1. I would like to know - what did you finally do?
    2. Was it expensive(apprx cost - if possible)?
    3. Can you please recommend him to me.

    Thanks a million in advance