How to correct weight of cabinet

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Hi all. I am looking for advice.
I am upcycling an old display cabinet/ china cabinet.
The door of the cabinet is glass and is quite heavy compared to the body of the cabinet.
The back of the cabinet is made if very light backing wood ( i dont know the name if it)
It us on 4 legs.
It is very unstable and can tip forward very easily due to the weight of the front. Is there anything I can do to correct this?
My husband has suggested removing the legs to stabilise the cabinet. I dont really want too as it will spoil the look of the cabinet and prob wont fix the problem ie if the weight if the front door is the problem.
I am wondering would it help if we got a heavier backing wood and fixed to back of cabinet, would this create more balance? Or put weights into the back of the cabinet?
Cabinet isnt very attached


Miracle Girl

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my new cabinet much more exciting then the latest government cabinet!!Probably more stable and thats without the wall attachments! Thanks for advice!
I have temporary stabilised the cabinet ( my own ) with an unopened box set of game of thrones books ( v heavy) on the bottom shelf and that has stopped the tendency to topple forward. I will get something to screw to wall after I have upcycled it..
Thanks for advice.
Thanks a mil


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You could add a sheet of teak wood to the backing plate, if you prefer not to attach it to a wall - seems like it should be free standing.

The cabinet would probably stabilise once you start loading items into it. You could also look into changing the glass itself - but the costings of such may not make it worthwhile. Good luck with the project - nice interesting piece. If you could, let us know how it goes !