How to contact Ryanair by phone?

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    Does any know how I can contact ryanair by phone?

    I have just searched their website and they do not make it easy to find a phone number. I am so angry that I have probably just missed it somewhere.

    Can anyone please help?

    Thank you.

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    Thanks Clubman.

    Yes that makes me even more angry. I don't believe that is the only number to contact them on. If that is true then they are even tighter than I thought. I did ring them before about a year ago and it was not at that price!!

    Thanks again!!
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    No problem!!!
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    there's more here from the (London) Times of Feb 15 2005
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    Eventually thought to contact directory enquiries!!

    So in case anyone else needs the number for Ryanair, it is 0818303030!!

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    This was in The Observer, 30 July 2006:

    'Frustrated Ryanair passengers who can't get hold of the company's elusive and expensive complaints desk have been thrown a lifeline by MPs. In one of the last early day motions filed before the House of Commons rose for the summer holiday (the timing surely is no coincidence), MPs took issue with the airline's record on such matters and provided a solution.

    They named and shamed Caroline Green, who is head of the department. "She can be contacted at and the geographical telephone number for the company's head office in Dublin is 00 353 1 812 12 12, which is cheaper than its high tariff 0871 number," read the EDM.

    To table an early day motion costs approximately £300. Seldom, I feel, has taxpayers' money been so splendidly spent.'
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    Trying to change a flight at the moment and noticed these numberes

    Ryanair Reservations :
    Opening Hours: Saturday 0800 to 1300
    0818 30 30 30 (calling from Ireland)
    0871 246 0000 (calling from the UK)
    + 353 1 249 7788 (calling from rest of Europe)
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    Ryanair 0844 545 6524 all services

    You can contact Ryanair on 0844 545 65 24 and its cheaper than 0871
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    Ryanair 0844 545 65 24

    Call Ryanair on 0844 545 65 24 I got through straight away
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    On Ryanair site FAQ they give 0818303030 for reservations. Says National rate. What does that mean? Is it a premium no? Thank You
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    Thanks for the number

    I called the number 0844 545 6524 and got through to customer service and saved a lot of money rather than phoning their 0871 :)

    Thats why this number is very hard to find I suppose
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    0844 545 6524 from Brian's thread