How to claim pension relief


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Hi All

I'm trying to find out what I need to do to claim pension relief for contributions made in my 2019 tax return, and wasn't sure if I should post here or in the Tax forum.

I have a private PRSA I contribute to as my employer has no scheme in place.
When I log into MyAccount on the Revenue website I can't see any options where you can add private pension contributions in order to claim the tax back. The only option available is pension contributions through an employer. Am I missing something or do I need to register with ROS to be able to do this?

Also, how does Revenue refund the tax back? Is this a cash payment to a nominated account or is the tax code adjusted?

Many thanks


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Claiming Tax Relief for Pension Contributions – PAYE employees

For any PAYE who makes personal contributions (outside of a salary deduction facility) to a Personal Pension, PRSA or AVC arrangement they can arrange their tax relief on MyAccount as follows:
1. Under PAYE Services select “Manage Your Tax 2020” (or relevant tax year)
2. You will now see an overview of your current employment. Under “Your current tax credits” select “Add new credits”.
3. A pop up box will appear – tick the check box & click ok
4. Under “Your Job” select “Show more”
5. “Select” the relevant product / pension arrangement i.e. Additional Voluntary Contributions, PRSA or Retirement Annuity relief (Personal Pension) & click next
6. Click Next
7. You will be prompted to claim any additional tax credits
8. You will be prompted to declare all income
9. You will now be able to review your claim
10. Once ready complete the declaration & submit.