How to ‘split’ former employer pension for transfer


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I received a Statement of Options on my former employer scheme, which is managed by Irish Life.

I have calculated that I wish to transfer 20k approx of this 50k pot to the Public Service scheme in order to purchase service.

My dilemma now is, according to the Statement of Options, I can defer until I am retired or avail of transfer option.

But, the two options are 1). Move to an Approved Pension Plan or 2) to a Personal Retirement Bond (Buy-Out Bond).

How do I go about splitting the 50k pot from Irish Life into even sub-pensions, one of which is the exact value of which I wish to transfer into the public service scheme?

If that makes sense. I will need to do all these steps in time for October 1, transfer in date. Thank you.


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Hey World!

Sorry - not want you want to hear but my understanding is that you can't split such transfer values.