How much to run an apartment with no gas?

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by Chris2014, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Chris2014

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    I'm in the process of searching for a house or apartment.

    An apartment in a good area at a good price has become available. The big problem with it is that its all electric.

    I would have to run the dryer, immersion and electric heating.

    Does anyone have experience on how much this would cost?

    Couple with 2 young kids.

  2. odyssey06

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    It's a challening question to answer, because there are so many variables.
    As a starting point, look at the different unit rates between gas and electricity from your current supplier.
    See how many gas units you used.
    Now calculate the same unit usage based on the electricity unit rate.

    These are the Bord Gais unit prices:

    How many rooms will you need to heat? Living room, 2 x bedrooms, bathroom?
    Is the electric heating night storage based i.e. do your heaters only draw in energy during the night and release it during the day - usually these are charged at 1/2 the rate of normal usage.
    Are you buying or renting i.e. will you have scope to put in newer energy efficient heaters? new windows?

    I have first generation night storage heaters, I think I did some calculations and it was working out at €2 per night for living room (max setting) and €1 per night for a bedroom (medium setting).

    See thread here on discounts available from different energy companies... make sure you are getting some sort of discount on your plan:

    And external link:
  3. Leo

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    The BER rating if available should give you some starting point. Also take a look at the SEAI fuel cost comparisons and compare your current heating costs against electric heating costs and adjust up or down based on whether your current accommodation has better or worse insulation levels.
  4. Chris2014

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    One room will need to be heated and clothes will need to be dried 100% by tumble dryer. Then the immersion will be used to heat the water.

    Apart from that i'm not sure what else would change from our current rented property that uses gas

    So maybe

    5 loads of clothes a week.
    Immersion 1 hour per day.
    Heating 4 hours per day during cold months. 1 oil filled or electric radiator.