How much to offer on a New Build Ashbourne



Hi all,

We've been looking to move for 1 year + and have found a house we love, its a detached new build in Ashbourne.

I was thinking of offering 60 - 70% of the asking from from 2 years ago, does this seem like a reasonable offer?

Thanks for your help!


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I think that sounds more than reasonable, you might be able to shave a little more off the asking price of 2 years ago, depending on the circumstances i.e. has the builder gone bust, who now owns the house etc..

What's the current asking price and what was the peak price 2 or 3 years ago?

If the builder has gone bust, just make sure you know what the situation is regarding the estate being finished. You don't want to be living on a building site with unfinished roads, landscaping and no street lights etc..