How much could a new lender cut mortgage rates by?

Discussion in 'The Fair Mortgage Rates Campaign' started by Gordon Gekko, 24 Sep 2018.

  1. gnf_ireland

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    Yes, I remember these numbers floating around last year during the Oireachtas committee sessions. And this was after PTSB contacted them 3 times to recommend changing from SVR to MVR. I fully accept people do not trust banks, but surely most people have someone they can ask for advice of this nature. If you cannot switch banks, you should definitely want the lowest rate possible from them until you are in a position to switch !
    You cannot force people to want lower rates - this can only be done through financial education !
  2. WorstPigeon

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    Wow. That’s amazingly low. I wonder why that is. You’d think it would be a no-brainer.
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    Any idea how many existing customers of AIB, BoI, UB and KBC changes from their eve rates to the new business rates. Would it be more than the 20% in Ptsb do you think. I can understand why everyone customer doesn’t at least take up the offer with their existing lender forms cheaper can only bring the horse to water!