How long until you received cashback?


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Thought it might be an idea to start a thread to gauge how long it takes for cashback to hit accounts.
I switched last summer to BOI, cashback was in account within 4 weeks and before first mortgage payment was taken out. Extremely efficient. I fixed for 1 year.
I wonder is the cashback for variable deals longer..........

Sean Og

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PTSB was about 14 days for me, BOI about 10 days and EBS was the longest about 6 weeks. I have written the exact dates on here before somewhere if someone wants to search my posts it will come up. Once you have drawn down your mortgage the cash back must be paid. You can switch the next day if you want and they still have to pay you the cash back. I always waited until i got the cash back before switching because i was scared they would hold back the cash back if they realised i had already switched. Legally they have to pay it because it's in their t&c's .


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I imagine some of the banks have a process where they look at drawdowns during the month, and then process all the cashbacks for the month rather than doing it each day, so the length of time might vary depending on when you draw down.

Terms and conditions will tell you max time:
PTSB within 40 working days
BOI within 45 days
KBC within 30 days