how long to fix with BOI ?

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  1. July25

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    I got a mortgage with BOI last and fixed for 1 year @3.55%, and feel glad that I didn't fix for a longer time, with recent reductions in interest rates.

    I have now the option of fixing @3% , but undecided about fixing for 1, 2, or 3 years? I know nobody can predict if rates are likely to drop further or start to increase again!
  2. renter45

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    Ulster bank are offering 2.6% fixed for 4 yrs & €1,500 towards legal costs, worth a look.
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  3. Maxed123

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    We are gonna fix for 3 yrs at 3%.
    For us we need to know how much we will be paying each month for the mortgage and no surprises in the next couple of yrs. We will have huge crèche fees as well. Boi variable rate is just too high.