How long should it take for Landdirect website to register my property?

Ministry Fox

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I bought a property about four years ago and I'm still not registered as the owner on the landdirect website. Although it's a very old house (150-200 years old) this is its first registration and my solicitor tells me that this is the reason for the delay.
I'm a patient man but four years seems like a very long time to me. My numerous emails and calls to me solicitor have got me nowhere, and when I try to contact the Land Registry directly they want to know the Folio number and when my solicitor lodged papers etc -- information my solicitor seems loathed to provide.
Has anyone else experienced delays like this registering a property?
Ministry Fox


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Depending on how it was lodged a first reg can take years. There can be many queries raised on the title. The land registry assigned a 'dealing number' to the application when it was lodged by your solicitor. They would need this number from you before they can talk to you.

You won't have a folio number because the property is unregistered.

Get on to your solicitor and ask for the dealing number so you can communicate with land reg you can also check the status of the application with them!