How long does 'Round-Up' take to work

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by portboy, May 12, 2008.

  1. portboy

    portboy Frequent Poster

    Put Round Up on a whole lot of weeds in the back garden yesterday...anyone know how long it takes to work...doesn't actually say on the box ?
  2. kbie

    kbie Frequent Poster

    Could take 10-14 days. The principle is that the roots are killed off first and then the leaves die because the roots are dead.

    Don't worry, it will happen but you must have patience!!
  3. BOXtheFOX

    BOXtheFOX Frequent Poster

    Having said that, I used Roundup many many years ago and it worked fantastic. The last time I purchased it I found that it didn't work as well. I thought that the manufacturers might have watered it down a bit?
  4. serotoninsid

    serotoninsid Frequent Poster

    I used it in the depths of winter when there was zero growth (its only recommended for use during active growth) and eventually it worked 100%. It just took a long time.
  5. croman

    croman Registered User

    I have used Round-Up twice during growing season and found it worse than useless.
  6. mercman

    mercman Frequent Poster

    It is pointless using Round Up when it is raining. It needs 3 or 4 four days to sette and get working. After that it will work, but be very careful - the fumes from it are Toxic.
  7. olafshiel

    olafshiel New Member

    There seems to be a bit of misinformation here. Roundup will work in the winter, it just takes longer. On a summers day it will start to kill weeds within 2-3 hours, with visible signs in within 4-5 days it takes 6 or more hours in the winter. If it rains it will be much less effective. Roundup fumes are not toxic, it's a herbicide not a pesticide so try not to drench yourself in it or drink it. If you use a mix of 1 litre of roundup for every 40 litres of water it will be devastating.
  8. sblandscapin

    sblandscapin Registered User

    depending on whether it roundup pro biactive or the pre mixed squirter bottles, and weather i.e rain about 3-5 days