How Enda ordered officials to break salary cap for old friend and PR adviser.

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by NOAH, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. NOAH

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    I wonder will enda go through with SOTN tonight, he wont carry much sway with me after the revealation on the front page of the mail today!! And is there any betting he will include this phrase

    " we are living away beyond our means". and I need more money for my guys.

    what a shower
  2. micmclo

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    You could have given a link or even a quote

    Of course the type of Brit who reads the Daily Mail has to add their comment
    There was me thinking it was a loan with interest :rolleyes:
    It's a very mild comment compared to many you'll read on that site about Ireland

    The Irish Daily Mail and the Sunday version are very different papers to the UK version and their website
    I don't know why any Irish person would buy the Daily Mail.
  3. NOAH

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    I am sorry i did not have a link, a good friend who is on the ball sent me a text, by the way I can safely say same friend wont be watching Enda.

    I came on board looking for a link! and was gobsmacked when there was nothing, not a sausage about it. Although after reading your link, much thanks, it did not dawn on me english one would have it, I had to smile, Enda appoints an ex advisor to work with Richard Bruton, the mind goes into overdrive, spy, report back, watch my back etc.

    oh the joy of irish politics.

    I can see an early election.

    The sheer cheek is astounding.

    I buy daily mail for the sport and the truth about our masters, no other paper puts the boot in, I wonder why?

    Seriously, this guy is going to present a very solemn face tonight and tell us we have difficult times ahead and all the time everyone of them have been feathering their own nest. Its a case I'm doing fine Jack pity about you.

    well one day it will be payback time
  4. Kerrigan

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    A load of pie in the sky nonsense from Kenny. He seemed quite nervous, which made me and I presume viewers quite uneasy also. He instilled absolutely no confidence in me whatsoever. He doesn't blame the people yet will allow them to pay for the sins of a certain few to keep the motherland happy. I liked the way he said 'my Government' - no Mr. Kenny it's our Government; you and your party are an elective representation of the people.
  5. DB74

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    Who are you going to pay him back with??????
  6. T McGibney

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    It's his government in that if it fails, it's his responsibility, certainly not mine or yours.