How does the Ombudsman arrive at their decision


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The 35 days does not begin until the Ombudsman issues his final decision. No one knows when the final decision will be made.

There isn't anything you can do. Just let it take its course.

An announcement will be made in due course but there is no deadline.


Hello Brendan

In general terms, would you mind in summary outlining how the Ombudsman arrives at a decision, not specifically this one but in general? Is it a lot of data collection and then a final decision made individually, or does the Ombudsman have to have legal counsel to check things over for pitfalls, or does the Ombudsman need to give the CBI a heads up on decisions etc, things like that?

It would seem like a lot of power resting in one individual, what are the checks and balances that the Ombudsman needs to abide by to cover themselves?

Thanks very much..