How can I buy the Norwegian Krone???

Discussion in 'Investments' started by ringledman, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. ringledman

    ringledman Frequent Poster

    Hi I want to invest some of my sterling savings into foreign currencies as a hedge.

    I am looking at a couple of grand into the Norwegian Krone.

    Are there any ETFs? I believe not.

    How about Forex? Can you purchase a couple of thousand without leveraging? What about fees?

    Or how about a pre-purchase foreign debit card? Anyone know if this would be worth it once currency exchange rates are paid?

  2. Ravima

    Ravima Frequent Poster

    why not open an account with a norwegian bank, or a multicurrency account with your current bankers.
  3. LDFerguson

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    Oilgeezer - I note that in all eight of your posts on Askaboutmoney, you recommend this UK website. Have you any connection with the site?