House price €275, offer €255



Or, the other party pulled out, I know that doesn't bode well with the 'their always out to screw us brigade' but amazingly it happens, just look at advice thats given here on a regular basis and the questions being asked its often 'will i get my deposit back if I pull out now' or 'bid on as many houses as you like and go for the best deal'.
You agreed with me recently, so I am willing to agree with you. ;)

Despite what apears obvious to me and a growing proportion of the population, there is still a significant number of people who fear that the just HAVE to buy now and all that other stuff that is still coming out daily from VIs (some more "there will never be a better time" twaddle just yesterday from the new President of the IAVI).

If you happen across someone like that, they will go into auction frenzy and bid until they win. Only to find out that banks no longer share their views nor enthusiasm and they can't actually afford what they want to buy.